Producer - James Tocher

During the early days of the digital revolution in Canada, Indie Jonesing Producer James Tocher was once dubbed the "Evangéliste Numérique" (Digital Evangelist) by the magazine Le Monde. A cinematography expert in shooting feature films on small DV cameras with the intent of "blowing up" to 35mm for theatrical release, James has traveled to major festivals and trade forums around the globe. For 10 years he has been spreading his gospel of maximizing quality from "pro-summer" type cameras using his unique technical tricks. His work in the area of optimizing image quality from digital sources continues to this day through his post company Digital Film Central (Central). He has opened up a whole new world for indie filmmakers to shoot movies destined for the big screen without having to pay the price for expensive film stock and processing.

James came to Vancouver to work in the motion picture industry and for the next 15 years Tocher worked as a cinematographer on a huge number of indie features, shorts, documentaries and music videos. He won a Kodak Best Cinematography Leo for his work on Evirati, a baroque-period one-hour drama shot on NTSC standard-definition video and blown up to 35mm. He is also known for shooting and co-producing Noroc, Canada's first "dogma" film shot on NTSC video and transferred to 35mm film. Although Tocher co- produced many film projects along the way, Indie Jonesing represents his first role as full-fledged producer. A unique and combined knowledge set of cinematography and post allows Tocher to maximize even the most humble budget, and was crucial in turning Indie Jonesing into a high-production value looking product.

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April 19-22 2012
Colorado Springs ,CO